AutoDepth – A Measure Like No Other

This study compares Swift’s AutoDepth smartphone technology to other wound measurement programs. AutoDepth has high precision (resolution of 2 mm) and measurements take a few seconds, with all computation on the device.

What you’ll get:

  • An overview of challenges with manual and other outdated wound depth measurement techniques
  • The benefits of adopting Swift’s digital, no-contact technology
  • The data and full methodology that we used to demonstrate AutoDepth’s effectiveness

Summary of Findings

  • Accuracy: Mean absolute error for AutoDepth was 0.09cm ± 0.09
  • Intra-rater reliability: 0.99
  • Inter-rater reliability: 0.99 over 29 subjects
We recognized there was no advanced way that wound care data was being collected except via paper measurement and charting system. We felt we needed to collect this data in a rich and fulsome way and Swift’s platform is a really interesting application of the technology targeted at providing best patient outcomes
  • Catharine Gray, Chair of ChiropodyUniversity Health Network - Michener Institute of Education

Download the Case Study

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