Webinar: Are wounds the single most overlooked threats to hospitals

Wounds are often considered the silent epidemic for their severe but often overlooked impact on patients, providers and payers.

Nationally, there are over 8.2 million patients with wounds, which costs Medicare alone up to $96 billion annually. In hospitals, 15-40% of beds are occupied by a patient with a wound, which presents massive clinical, operational, and financial challenges for hospitals and health systems. 

This panel of leaders in the hospital space discusses:

  • The current challenges hospitals face regarding wound care
  • Innovative strategies and techniques used by top US hospitals to advance a hospital wound care program
  • The value and impact of various digital technologies that underpin an advanced wound care program

Our speakers:

  • Angela Pettaway, MSA,BSN, WCC, RN
    VP of Clinical Operations, Wound Care Advantage

  • Sharon Gabrielson
    Founder & CEO, SRG Associates
    Former COO, Mayo Clinic

  • Alex Aningalan, MSN, RN, CWON, WCC
    Lead Wound and Ostomy Nurse Specialist, NewYork-Presbyterian Westchester

  • Dr. Sandra K Wainwright, MD
    Hyperbaric Service Line Director, Yale New Haven Health System

  • Seth Joseph
    Chief Strategy Officer, Swift Medical

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