Understand Your Cost Savings from Optimizing Visits per Episode with Swift Medical

Swift Medical's ROI is Rooted in Evidence

The home health visit utilization cost savings calculator is based on the following principles: 

  • Real-world outcomes: all projected savings are based on actual benefits realized by our customers.
  • Under promise, over deliver: our projection is based on a fraction of the benefit our customers have actually realized (less than 50%), to provide a highly realistic and attainable projection.
  • Industry average data: we use industry data to inform assumptions in the model, such as the average wound census in home health and the average number of skilled nursing visits per episode.

Just the Tip of the Iceberg 

Home health agencies who adopt Swift Medical realize ROI in more ways than visit utilization. Our customers also see financial outcomes linked to:

Swift Icons_Nurse (1)

Optimized Visit Staffing

Swift Icons_Band-aid (1)

Reduced Wound Supply Costs

Swift Icons_Home bed

Increase in Serviceable Wound Referrals

Swift Icons_Minute (2)

Reduction in Time to Complete Wound Visits

Swift Icons_Hospital small (1)

Reduced in 60-Day Hospitalizations

Swift Icons_Heartbeat

Reduction in Days to Heal Wounds

To get a tailored ROI projection that includes additional areas of financial value, please contact us.

How Swift Medical Impacts Visit Utilization

Current Challenge 

  • There is minimal visibility into patient risk and wound healing at the point of care.
  • Visit frequency is based on generalized care plans and not individual, changing patient needs.
  • Some patients receive more visits than needed (low-value) while others don’t receive enough visits.
  • Under Medicare PGDM, optimizing visits per episode is critical to strong clinical and financial outcomes. 

Impact of Swift Medical
Our solution has proven to reduce days to heal from 15-70% (depending on wound types and organizations) and our real-time dashboards enable agencies to determine the right visit frequency per patient resulting in reduced visit utilization by up to 20%.


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