The Digital Wound Care Maturity Model for Hospitals

A vendor-neutral framework designed to support the implementation and optimization of a hospital-centric wound care program.

In hospitals, 15-40% of beds are occupied by a patient with a wound. And while wounds often don’t receive the same level of attention as cancer or heart failure, their impact can be even more profound.

Many hospitals struggle to provide standardized, high quality wound care. The Digital Wound Care Maturity Model is designed to help with exactly that.

Download the guide to:

  • Learn about shared wound care challenges faced by U.S. hospitals
  • Measure the current state of your wound care program with a proven phased methodology that tracks progress over time
  • Realize the benefits of investing in wound care with numbers both clinicians and executives can agree upon 
  • Receive actionable takeaways to elevate wound care delivery and outcomes at your hospital

Quick preview

If only I had Swift Medical...I can scan that photograph and trust it and know. That I think is where you go from conventional pen and paper to digital imaging, but take digital imaging to a whole another level where you eliminate interoperative variability. That I think is going to become the new standard.
  • Dr. Sandra K Wainwright, MDHyperbaric Service Line Director, Yale New Haven Health System

Download the Maturity Model